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Here are some of my favourite keyboard shortcuts in FCP 10.5 to help me edit video faster. These are more basic keyboard shortcuts but still so useful for doing simple repetitive actions faster.

My favourite Final Cut Pro keyboard shortcuts for fast video editing

Today I’m taking some extra time to discuss one of the most requested topics on my channel to date: editing workflow
If you plan on making videos regularly, it’s probably crossed your mind to find a good editing workflow to edit faster. No one wants to spend more time editing a project than needed.

A good video editing workflow to edit faster

As you learn to use your DSLR or mirrorless camera, you’re going to see this thing in your settings called ISO. Don’t worry; it’s not an acronym that means anything for your photography knowledge. ISO is the third member of the exposure triangle.

What is the ISO camera setting?

If you’ve wondered how to get those smooth, blurred out backgrounds in your video and photos, one of the biggest factors in achieving that look is through understanding the aperture on your camera lens.

What is aperture? Camera basics for beginners